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Auxo provides one-stop solution for rich Healthcare Personnel (HCP) insights & unmatched profiles, harnessing the world's largest data set for comprehensive profiles and unrivaled user experience. Elevate your engagement strategy, streamline activity preparation, and amplify impact beyond boundaries.

What is AUXO ?

Auxo offers an unparalleled level of comprehensive information derived from over 80 sources, presenting you with a 360-degree physician profile.
This platform supports Medical Affairs, MSLs, and Commercial teams in elevating their approach to physician interactions forging stronger, more meaningful relationships in the ever-evolving HCP landscape.

Why Auxo ?

Synergizing data science and technology to provide detailed intelligence on 1 million+ physicians, nurses and allied health professionals.

Comprehensive HCP Overview

Through the implementation of AI/ML, we construct dynamic data pipelines that continuously update all relevant information in real-time, enabling users to access unparalleled insights on each Healthcare Professional (HCP). Our platform guarantees that every interaction with HCPs is significant by delivering real-time updates on their latest and forthcoming upcoming activities, ensuring users stay informed and engaged at all times.

KOL Identification

Discover and assess leading Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) spanning diverse domains of expertise. Distinguish emerging influencers, thought pioneers, and KOLs driven by commercial interests, while developing effective engagement strategies tailored to their specific interests. Monitor their online discourse to gain insights into the digital leadership landscape.

Brand Comparison

View HCP's share of voice for your brand and your competitor's to regularly to assess your performance and adapt your planning.

Referral Pathways

Establish referral pathways within KOLs, local and regional thought leaders. Find connections, network, and influence of HCPs, identify strengths of the connections to drive business referrals, and dDrive Next best recommendation (NBR) for field teams.

Prescription - Payer view

We provide views to focus on how payers handle and manage prescription drug coverage for their members or beneficiaries.

Get A Comprehensive View

Empowering your commercial strategy with Auxo

Insight-driven HCP engagements

Auxo's HCP profiles offer a detailed overview of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and their practice, encompassing insights such as diagnosis and treatment, industry affiliations, media presence, research involvement, clinical trials, index ratings, and more. Gain a comprehensive understanding of HCPs and make informed decisions with Auxo's detailed profiles, strengthening your strategic initiatives.

Find the right HCPs with Auxo’s Advanced Filtering

Auxo is a powerful HCP search engine that enables users to discover the perfect healthcare professionals swiftly and precisely for their unique requirements. With a comprehensive range of filters, including ‘Name, NPI, Specialty, Affiliations, State, and Index’, users can efficiently narrow down their search and create custom lists and segments.

Search HCPs based on

Experience the ease and accuracy of Auxo's HCP search, revolutionizing the way you identify and connect with the best-suited healthcare professionals.

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